Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Modern Combat 4 APK

Download the modern combat 4 apk full setup free from this blog.modern combat 4 is a first person shooting   premium game for android,i'm making this blog post because of the users who can't buy this game on the  google play store and users who don't have funds to buy this awesome FPS game. i bought this game right after it released,and this is the best FPS game for android to the date.Below are some screen shots of the game play and the demo video.also checkout the modern combat 4 review here.IF you have cash to spend dont hesitate to buy modern combat 4 from the play store.

modern combat 4 apk
I love this part of  Modern Combat 4 apk
modern combat 4 apk
Graphic are Awesome on Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4 Game Play

System Requirements
Dual Core 1 GHz or higher CPU; 1GB ram,  Tegra 3, SGX 544, Quad Core Mali 400, Adreno 220 or higher,2 gb free space and 2.3+ Android O/S 

i recommend at least dual core 1.5 and 1gig of ram on android IS.

You Can Download modern combat 4 apk zero hour Free From Below Link, Don't forget to share this blog with your friends ;) Enjoy 

PS: Some mods are included in this modern combat 4 apk files,you can use them if u like to play with cheats.i don't use cheats though :p

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Install APK Files

Have you got trouble installing apk files on your android device? If you download android app or a game from 3rd party website like mine ,you have copy it to your android device device and try to install it manually, most of the times default android settings won't allow you to install 3rd party apps like modern combat 4 apk ,You have to change some security settings in order to install 3rd party apps. Head over to your security settings and look for a option call "allow install apps from other than google play store or "allow install apps from unknown sources" tick this option, check out the image below.

After this you may transfer apk file to your device and install it without any errors.:)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Secure Your Android Device

Installing apps from 3rd parties is not a good habit, unless its trusted source.96% of malwares coming from 3rd party apps,if you are using your android device for shopping and banking these malwares can steal your back credentials and other private data.Always use APK files from trusted sources,never install a apk file from a unknown you might be wondering if the Modern combat apk file is infected,the answer is not, i finalize the apk file my you dont have to worry about it.

Its always a good practice to use a anti virus guard for your android device, i recommend avast mobile security,This is best free anti virus app you can use.